Must Have Motorcycle Gear

If you are just starting out as a beginner motorcycle rider, you need to understand the basics. Among the things you will need are motorcycle gear. They are not only meant to make you comfortable, but they are also expected to keep you safe. The must-have motorcycle gear are as follows.


Helmets protect your head from a fall. Since most of the motorcycle accidents happen around the jaw area, you are advised to buy one that covers you all round. Some of the things to consider when buying include the comfort level, how light it is, and if it is well-fitting. A safer bet is sticking to the known companies.

Ear Plugs

As a beginner, when you hear of people wearing earplugs while riding, you probably get surprised because you imagine they should be listening out to oncoming vehicles and people. There are specially made earplugs that block out the wind while letting you hear what is going on in your surroundings.


These are meant to give you a firm grip on the handles. They should also protect your palms from a fall. During a motorcycle accident, your hands are likely to touch the ground, and the injury of the palms can be controlled if you wear comfortable gloves meant for riders.


You should have a padded jacket with extra padding on the elbows and back. The jacket should be breathable so that you do not get extra warm during your ride. On top of your jacket, you should wear a reflective jacket to make yourself visible to other riders.


The sole of your shoes should have a firm grip to prevent your feet from sliding off and putting you at risk of getting injured. They should also be light enough to enable easy movement. You should also make sure the shoes fit well.


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