Top 4 Global Motorcycle Events

The biking generation is not slowing down any time soon. This is evident from the fantastic events that host bikers across the world every year. If you own a motorcycle and are wondering what events could draw in people like you, the following global options are great events to follow-up on.

Poags Hole Hillclimb

This is the best place to find yourself as a New York resident seeking to have a dare at a hill-climbing biking event. The monster hill is 19km, inclined at 75 degrees. Dirt bikes do not necessarily go up the slope, but they go around it in support for the 300 hp power bikes used to climb the hill.

Euduropale Le Touquet

Every biker needs to attend this event at least once in their lifetime. Since its first competition in 1975, Euduropale Le Touquet has been the most prominent global event for bikers. The event happens in France, attracting thousands of competitors and over half a million spectators. Even with the event taking in different settings compared to how it first began, the fans and attendees keep growing.

Serres Rally

This is a week-long event where amateurs come out to test the extent of their skills. Though it is basically for beginners, the challenge is still hard enough to give anyone winning an adrenaline rush. Even if you do not have a bike, you can still participate, since sponsors provide funding, especially for participants travelling to Greece.

Dirt Quake

The UK has Dirt Quake to take pride in. Dirt Quake started in 2012 and has since been a form of entertainment for the bikers in Norfolk. Though there are some simple rules, the event is more of an open competition. Do not be surprised to see all manner of bikes and costumes at this event, especially from the contestants.


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