Benefits of Motorcycle Club Membership

If you want to add a new twist in your life as a motorcyclist, you should definitely become a member of a motorcycle club. If you find a good club that has serious members, some of the benefits you will get are as follows.

Access to Events

Most clubs always help their members to access events and functions that make them get better as riders and in individual growth. Some of the events you are likely to attend as a rider include conferences and meetings, competitions, and even retreats. The events can either be planned by the club or as invites from other organisations.

Friendship/ Network

If you are seeking to make friends, you should consider joining a motorcycle club. You will meet people who share a passion with you, and you will have so much to discuss. You can also network and use the contacts you find at the club to grow your business if you own a company, or to get a good job if you are unemployed.

Planning Riding Competitions

Riding is fun, and it gets even more fun if you do it as a competition. Club membership allows you to go for competitive rides with the other members. Sometimes, the clubs organise for competitions against different clubs in the region. This is very good for people who want to get into professional motorcycle riding.


If you are just starting out as a motorcycle rider, joining a club exposes you to many people who can mentor you and guide you on how to become a good rider. You will also get support when learning the basics of riding. Knowing that you have someone who you can ask questions whenever you need is a good form of assurance. Most clubs also have mentorship class for beginners, and you can benefit greatly from them.


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